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Associate with Omihub and Enjoy Numerous Benefits

Hospitals and clinics that tie up with Omihub are sure to witness an increase in their visibility and popularity. Apart from enjoying better patient accessibility, hospitals and clinics that sign-up with our online medical information portal can avail the following advantages:

Create Your Own Profile Page

You can create your very own profile and easily manage it on your own. Having a profile with detailed information on your services and pictures showing your infrastructure helps to increase your visibility, interact with a wide range of patients and allows people to locate you effortlessly.

Phone/E-Mail Support

Patients are able to contact leading hospitals and clinics over the phone or online through the details mentioned in the Omihub website.


Unconstrained Appointments

Patients are able to schedule appointments easily with doctors and clinics through the online portal so as to facilitate faster communication and illness detection.

E-mail Intimations

Specific reminders will be sent to you so as well as the patients so that appointments are not missed. This helps to avoid any delay in diagnosis and treatment.

Easy Access to Patient Documents

Doctors and healthcare providers associated with Omihub can easily access patient documents so that the history of the patient as well as diagnosis is facilitated without creating any issue.

Access to Omihub Services

Signing in with Omihub will open a vast array of ancillary professional medical services, medical suppliers, the diagnostic and lab facilities and other benefits of the resourceful platform.

Uninterrupted Blog Writing

You will acquire access to writing your blogs uninterruptedly while patients are able to view them and extract advice on a spectrum of areas that include fitness & lifestyle, travel, ailments & disorders and medical services. Your ideas and research also helps to enhance your popularity and respect in the medical fraternity.

Here's an invitation for hospitals and clinics to sign-up with us. We can assure you that you will always cherish your association with Omihub.


Hospital Profile


Create your profile to showcase the expertise or specialization of your hospital or clinic



Impress profile visitors by showcasing the photographs of your facilities in an artistic manner

My Doctor


Create doctor list to highlight the credentials of your specialists

Hospital Schedule


Highlight the hospital schedule and timings to prevent overcrowding and miscommunications



Schedule appointments with patients based on the availability of your specialists

Medical Camps


List down medical health camps being hosted in your hospital or clinic to attract more patients

Medical Tourism


Get access to overseas patients who are looking for affordable and quality healthcare



Maintain your own blog to showcase your expertise and services and educate readers

Case Studies


Create a special page for unique case studies for patients and other healthcare practitioners

Patient Inquiry


Use Omihub platform to attract more patient visits and also to answer patient queries

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