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Signing up with Omihub - the popular online medical information portal puts you at an advantage as your clinic and expertisecomes on display, for the world to see. With the assistance of our resourceful platform, you will have access to everything you need to build your practice in a positive way.Hence doctors' that collaborate with Omihub experience manifold rise in their popularity and have more patients visiting them.

How Omihub Benefits Doctors
  1. Omihub assists in bringing your clinic and reputation to the front by focusing on your practice’s relevance
  2. Popularity and visibility of your clinic will increasesignificantly
  3. Patients searching for your expertise in your city will find you easily
  4. Getmore patient visitations to your clinic
  5. Acquire a chance to collaborate with renowned doctors, share knowledge and exhibit your skills and expertise to a wider audience
  6. Boost your online visibility by answering patient's query and enhance your presence and credibility in the virtual world
Features that You Enjoy When You Sign-up with Omihub

Doctors that are part of Omihub find it a blessing as they enjoy a whole lot of features that helps them be more popular and also assists them in managing their practice better.

Create Your Webpage

Omihub allows doctors to create their own webpage wherein they can showcase their credentials, services, medical infrastructure and also put up pictures of their practice. Through this hub, you can also manage multiple clinics, book appointments, reply to queries and offer medical tourism. What's more, patient records are safely stored in Omihub servers, so you are able to retrieve them whenever you need.Omihub, therefore, helps make the lives of busy practitioners' lot easier.

Enjoy Smooth Communication with Patients

Through the effective use of Omihub, doctors are able to reach a wider audience by answering their questions online. All other patients who have signed up for Omihub will get to view these answers so this gives you an opportunity to carve an impression as a responsible and well-informed doctor.

Build Your Reputation

Doctors are also able to increase their online presence and make themselves visible to a wider audience by writing useful medical blogs and posting case studies.This also helps them earn accolades in the medical fraternity and earn positive reviews from patients.

Scheduling Appointment Made Easier

Doctors are able to manage their hospital schedule and create appointment list. This helps to manage appointments better, offer better service and see more patients.

Join Us to Experience Amazing Omihub Advantages

Sign up with Omihub and see for yourself what a world of a difference it makes to your practice and your presence in the virtual medical world. Your reputation and experience is sure to grow steadily as you cater to patients from all walks of life and help prevent, treat and cure their health problems in an effective and dedicated manner.




Create your personalized profile to connect with patients who are seeking your services



Organize your individual gallery of images to showcase your expertise and specialization

Multiple Clinic


Manage multiple clinics efficiently using a single platform

Clinic Schedule


Create a clinic schedule for your patients and avoid miscommunications



Facilitates online appointment bookings based on your availability and convenience

Medical Camps


Showcase the medical camps you have participated in or hosted/or planning to host

Medical Tourism


Omihub is a single-point source for overseas patients looking for quality yet affordable healthcare



Maintain a blog with your own content to educate patients and reach out to prospective patients

Case Studies


Post case studies by other doctors and specialists or publish your own case study

Patient Inquiry


Omihub helps you generate patient inquiry and help you reach out to more patients

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