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About Ancillary Services

Omihub is the perfect online platform to showcase your patient-oriented transport services. You can use Omihub to create your customized webpage to reach out to hospitals, clinics, doctors, and even patients. It helps you widen your reach and connect with more potential clients. Having your profile and services on Omihub can open up a whole range of opportunities, including:

  1. Connect and partner with local hospitals, clinics and doctors
  2. Showcase the promptness of services offered by your ambulance services
  3. Demonstrate the proficiency and efficiency of the first medical responders who form the backbone of your ambulance service
  4. Promote how your timely and adept ambulance service can make a difference to the lives of patients and their loved one

How You Benefit as a Patient

Ancillary Services

Medical emergency can strike at anytimeso you should be able to get access to emergency medical service whenever it is needed. Using Omihub, you can instantly get a list of ambulance service providers in your neighborhood along with their complete contact details. The portal therefore comes as a handy helpin case of medical emergencies.




Create a customized profile to attract eyeballs and increase your clientele



Display images and photographs to showcase your cutting-edge tools and resources for prospective customers



Post reviews from clients and customers so that others can read and gain confidence to use your services



As a freelance registered nurse, let homebound patients get access to your services



Check out the patients who are seeking your ancillary healthcare services and start a dialogue with them

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